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A symphony of sleeping!

cat with glass

Hi folks, (Silver here) this month our Mum has put together a whole page of us sleeping. Its our favourite hobby and we're very good at it. That's me on the table.

And here's Princess in that funny basket with a hood on it. She does fit really, its just one of her poses again, leg hanging out of bed!

cat in basket

See what I mean, if I can fit into that basket (just trying it out as you can see) then so can Princess. That's Sylvester in the sheepskin lined basket behind me. You can see how close we like our beds to the radiators. Don't know how you cats manage in countries like Alaska! Brrrrrr!

two cats in bed

Here's our Shirley well and truly asleep. Not her most elegant pose, but she often likes to sleep on her back.

Shirley asleep on back

Here's Sweetie Pie in one of our favourite beds. Bet you didn't know that when you post glass to our Mum from places like Texas and Florida and Canada, we always get the box.

cat in box

Sebastian seems to think he's a little cat, but he really doesn't fit into this box! Never mind, he managed to sleep soundly.

Sebastian in box

Here's Sootie on Angela's bed. She woke him up with the camera.

cat on bed

Sylvester is enjoying a well-earned rest on a sheep-skin rug.

Sylvester on rug

Sylvester again, lying in the garden with Sox, who came to live with us about six months ago. They are really enjoying that sun.

Sylvester and Sox in the garden

Sometimes a whole lot of us get a sleep on Angela's bed as you can see.

5 cats on bed

Are we making you sleepy yet? Here's Katy with Pauline's knitted snake, just after she was "found" after being missing. She sure was happy to be home!

cat with knitting

And here's another one who's happy to be home. Missy went missing for four months. She turned up just near our house saying "This is it, this is it! I remember there were lots of other cats". And boy, was she hungry! Our Mum was so happy to see her!

cat on bed again

This is Mac, who came all the way out to New Zealand from England when her dad married our mum. She's just dozing off on the lower floor of our three-storey cat bedroom that they had built above the hot water cylinder. Its really nice there in the winter.

cat's bedroom

Here are three of us, Princess on a red velvet heart-shaped cushion (ok, so you can't see much of the cushion, it not being very big) Smokey on the blue rug, and me on the seat in the background.

three cats on cushions

And here I am again. Nice cumfy basket this one. Mmmm.

cat in basket asleep

It was really great talking to you. Take care! Love from Silver and all the rest of the Bowey's.

We're so pleased about all the awards we've been given that we've put all our awards together on one page at Thank you so much to all the great cats and their people who gave us these awards.

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