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cat with glass Hi Folks, Princess here. That's me on the left. Thomas said I can write the page today because I'm so beautiful and I've had such a hard time since I was attacked by a big dog in November. I'll tell you about that in a minute. First of all though, we won some more great awards! At the top of the page!

We're so pleased about them we've put all our awards together on one page at Thank you so much to all the great cats and their people who gave us these awards.

The picture of me looks as I'm going for a stroll, but actually I'm just telling the other cats in this family to keep away, its my show today!

See what I mean? Here's Katy Girl elbowing her way in already. She sits on our Mum's computer all the time when she's home. Then she throw's tantrums when our Mum goes to work in Auckland. As you can see, our Mum has a few distractions to cope with working here.
cat on computer

cat with Mdina glass You may have gathered that our "Mum" (aka Angela) collects glass. I must admit I can't see the attraction myself. There's never any food in it. But I try to show an interest just to humour her. I'm told this is Mdina glass, made on an Island called Malta in the Mediterranean.

This is our new friend "Missy". Her family Tina, Daniel, Adam and Owen, went to live in Australia and they couldn't take her with them. She came to live with us but she doesn't seem to like us very much. She probably will when she gets to know us, but she prefers to go off in the bush and just comes back for her food. We'll tell you when she settles in and becomes lazy like the rest of our family. Missy cat

cats on bed Just to prove my point, here's Louis, Tam, and Sooty (the pale one) having a rest after a hard day sleeping on the patio. They don't leave a lot of room for Angela!

I was supposed to be telling you about my accident, wasn't I? Well it was awful, really awful. This big brown dog chased us in our own garden one day when Angela was working in her study.

Then it came right in the house and there were cats running everywhere and this big dog running around our kitchen. Angela came through when she heard a lamp crash over, and chased him out of the house. But he stopped next to where I was hiding in the bushes by our door, and he got hold of my head in his mouth and bit! I thought I was finished, I can tell you. I could hear Angela screaming at him and he suddenly let go of me and ran away. I headed off down the road and hid under a house for a long time. I just felt like I was dying. This is a picture of me when I was just recovering. You can tell that my eye wasn't quite right then, and my fur didn't look so good. But I'm alright now, as you can see from the other photos. cat on top of cupboard

I've been told that I came back after five days with a broken jaw, my tongue badly cut, an abscess on my throat, my eye all damaged, and a hole in the top of my head. We rushed all the way to Auckland to an emergency clinic called Franklin Vets so I could get fixed. And thanks to Ian and Ruth and the other staff I am all better now. I only have to get the wire taken out of my jaw and some more tests on my eye, and I'll be good as new! Here's a recent picture to show you. I think Angela was trying to photograph that vase, but I told her it was more important to get some good pictures of me!

I thought you might like to see this picture of Christmas at our place. As you can tell, we have summer at Christmas, which is a bit up-side-down, but its nice.

This year we had a guest cat for the holidays, called Venus. Our Mum gave her the holiday snaps to take home with her, so I can't show you a picture. She settled in marvellously well and had a really good time, even though she was recuperating from surgery for cancer. We were all very nice to her, and she's recovering really well from her operations. Unfortunately my Mum keeps trying to put sun-cream on my ears ever since, and I have to eat it off or go roll in the sand. The vet says to put indian ink on my ears. I ask you! She'll probably do it too, when she finds some. Apparently it works better than tattooing to protect against sunburn.

I'm going to finish off this page with a few more pictures. Then I'm going for my tea.
cats on deck

Sweep Silver

That's Sweep on the left. You remember, she was very sick last year. She's really well now. And that's Silver above, having a sunbathe.


This picture isn't Thomas, it's Pseudo-Thomas, Silver's brother or sister, who still hasn't worked up the courage to move in! But he's getting close to it!
cat cleaning feet

And I get the last word, although I think our Mum could have picked a better picture than one of me cleaning my feet! Really! Anyway, it was really great talking to you. And could I make a suggestion, why don't you all buy a medi-pet first aid kit so you are ready for any emergencies that might happen to us cats. If you click here you can read what's in the kit.
First aid kit for pets

Better safe than sorry, eh? Take care! Love from: Princess, Thomas, and all the rest of the Bowey's.

Hey folks, we got some awards for this page too! I (Princess) was awarded Camille's Intelligent Feline award for my writing ability (how about that?) and Sweep earned Mr.BoJangles Tuxedo Cat award for being such a beautiful Tuxedo. Sylvester is a bit jealous because he's a Tuxedo Cat too, so Angela told him he can share it. Here are the awards you can click on to read more about Camille and Mr BoJangles. Thanks friends!

Camille's Intelligent Feline Award Mr BoJangles Tuxedo Cat award

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