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November 1998

Chico's award
This was a very busy month for us. The first thing to tell you is that we won all these great awards. We're so pleased about them we've put them all together at the top of our page. Thank you so much to Jed and Amber and Zac and Ebby.

They have great sites too, folks, so if you click on any of these awards you can see the cats, kitties, and dogs who gave us the awards. There are so many great pet sites on the internet. Lets hope it all helps to make more people kinder to animals.

Cat called Sweep

Welcome to our home page. My name is Sweep and that's me on the left. They called me Sweep because my Mum discovered she was descended from a long line of Irish chimney sweeps! It's supposed to be lucky. Well I'm a very lucky cat, I can tell you. I nearly died about two months ago. Some stupid person had put food out to kill possums or rats or something, and I ate some. At least that's what they think happened. How was I to know I wasn't supposed to eat that stuff?

So I got very sick; I couldn't eat anything and they had to feed me through needles at first and then with a syringe down my throat. My Mum kept saying if I didn't eat I was going to die, so I kept trying to eat but the food just fell out of my mouth, it wouldn't go down. If it hadn't been for Lorna and John at the Bay of Islands Vets, and Pauline in the Opua cattery I wouldn't have made it. So a big thank you from me and my Mum and all my friends for the patience they showed keeping me going when it seemed hopeless. I went very thin but I'm putting lots of weight on now! And life is great fun again.

Cricket and Cricket in Times SquareThomas asked me to tell you about a book he thinks you are going to love. Its all about a cricket who arrives in the Times Square subway station in a picnic basket. He makes friends with Harry the Cat and a mouse called Tucker, and a little boy named Mario, whose parents run the newsstand in the subway, and the three friends struggle to bring success to the almost bankrupt newsstand. Its a lovely story, so if you'd like to know more, just click on the title: "The Cricket in Times Square" by George Seldon.

cat called Silver

Thomas's Home Page

June 1998

Hi Folks! My name is Silver and I'm another of Thomas's house-mates. You haven't met me before, because I'm new here. When I was born my mother didn't live in a house, so I was very frightened of people when I was very little. There's quite a few cats who live around here that don't have a house. Mostly they hide in the bush and come down at night for food. My mother told me about this house where my Auntie Polly went to live, so I went to investigate.

Sure enough, it was a good place with a cat-flap for easy entry, lots of comfy sleeping places and regular food. But there were lots of other cats living there, and I watched my two brothers getting chased away by these big resident tom cats. They're not very bright, my brothers. You need a strategy for a campaign like getting yourself a good berth in a house that's already occupied.

cats in the kitchenSo the first thing I did was have a word with my Auntie Polly when she was out in the garden on her own. I played up to her motherly instincts and made her feel sorry for me. Then I got her to tell me about these Tom cats. They are big cats, I can tell you. Not the kind of folk you would pick a fight with when you're only a little kitten. She explained all about Thomas and Tam and Sylvester and Sooty and Smokey. Seems they're sort of the Generals of this here army. But there are more ways to get your own way with big fellows than starting a head-on argument. Strategy, that's what you need. And I'm a clever fellow when it comes to strategy.

They are all big and very strong, so each of them thinks they are the boss. But none of them is actually big enough to bully the others, so they have a sort of truce going. So I figured that if I could get one of them on my side, he could defend me and get me in there. Good thinking!

One of them is called Smokey, and he was a stray from around here and quite old when he managed to get a place in The House. So I figured he might be my great great grand-father or something. He looks a little bit like me if you use your imaginationSmokey. I was pretty small and cute at the time, and he was very surprised when I turned up every time he went out in the garden, and just hung around him. It didn't take long before he invited me in to get some food and stood guard while I ate up. And from there it was all uphill. Most of the others thought I was cute and before long I was in there eating with them nearly every meal time.

That's when I discovered the drawback to The House. There was a person living there too! What an awful discovery. I had to hide amongst the pack and pretend I was my Auntie Polly and hope this person wouldn't notice me. But every now and then I was spotted, and I'd have to break off eating and run for my life. At least, that's what I thought. You see, I had never met a person before, and they are HUGE.

I managed to keep that going for eight months, by which time I was good friends with all the other cats and I was getting big enough to look after myself. Then one day she caught me. I put it down to cat hypnosis myself. I mean, there I was minding my own business trying to ignore the fact that there was this huge person in our kitchen, since that's what the others told me to do. And the next minute there's this fantastic piece of smoked fish under my nose and a HAND stroking my head. What a dilemma. A chap can't turn his back on smoked fish, now, can he? And the more I ate the fish the more this hand rubbed my fur, and the more I came to like it. And then the light dawned. This person (Angela they call her) was one of the benefits of The House. Getting your fur rubbed is pretty darned nice, and they've all been enjoying regular fur-rubbing all this time while I've been missing out.

Well, I soon put that right. I've found lots of ways to increase my share of the fur-rubbing. And I've grown very strong too, so now I don't have to play politics with the other cats so much. If any of them steps out of line I'm as good with my front paws as any of them. And I'm very good at keeping stray cats away. This is our place and there's no room for any more. Well, maybe there's room for just one more, because Angela turned up with this sick cat a few weeks ago and we all felt sorry for her. But that's another story. For now I'll just let Thomas have his page back.

I suppose I ought to mention that Angela has some websites you could visit if you like:
The Virtual Glass Museum at
Gainsharing at
and Websites for Novices at http://www.webzite.comVets Book

Here's another book you'll probably like. Written by experts in the veterinary field, it's a newly-published (1998) guide to treating us cats for many common problems.Click on the title if you'd like to know more: The Country Vet's Home Remedies for Cats by H. Ellen Whiteley,

kitten Thomas

Thomas's Home Page

January 1998

Hi Folks! Thomas here. What do you think of this? Rabbits writing to me now! I mean, come on all you cats, don't leave a fellow depending on dumb blondes like these two.

Thank you to Clyde who wrote and said it was alright to include these two house-mates of his,cats page -rabbits! even if they are rabbits! My mum tells me that white stuff they're sitting on is snow, and its made of ice. Brrr! I don't fancy that. Where I live they call it the "Winterless North", so we never have snow here.

Here's Clyde's, who lives with these rabbits. She's female, and really very pretty. So I've included one of my best photographs, from when I was only a kitten, at the top of this page. How about coming over here to visit me Clyde? cat ClydeYou would feel quite at home here. I'm putting a photo of Tam below, from when he was a kitten too.

Mind you, he's grown a bit as you can see from the picture of him in his basket. Tam came here as a kitten. His mother was a stray like mine, and she arrived at our house all skinny and crying for food. So of course, our mum just got all upset and rushed her to the vets and before we knew what was happening she'd moved in with us. kitten Tam That wasn't too bad. There was just me and Sylvester and Louis here at the time, and a female in dire straights appealed to the gentlemen in us. Then about three weeks later she brought this fellow along; must have been hiding him in the bush somewhere until she made sure we were all ok.

I can remember the day quite clearly. Angela came walking up the path, and there sitting on the deck, proud as punch, was Katie with this over-sized kitten sitting up all smart next to her. cat Tam3

Here he is now. I don't know why he insists on trying to fit into that basket. He's grown miles too big for it. He's still a bit of a baby I suppose.

You should hear the carry on when he gets on the roof and starts wailing to be rescued. He once jumped down from the roof onto the sun umbrella, and went spinning round until our mum climbed up and rescued him.

Cat who tailed a thiefI've found another book you might enjoy. Its a mystery story with two cats getting up to all sorts of antics while their nosey owner investigates a murder. It was published this year and got lots of rave reviews. If you'd like to know more, click on the title which is:
"The Cat Who Tailed a Thief" by Lilian Jackson Braun

That's all I've got time for today, but before I go I'd just like to say thank you to Tracy who wrote again with New Year wishes (still haven't seen her photograph; I think she's a bit shy). She tells me she's into flower arranging and aerobatics in the lounge. We aren't allowed to do that here. We get locked out of the rooms where our mum keeps all the glass if there's any walking on the shelves. So we don't annoy her and that keeps her more or less in line. You can see the rest of our family on page two, by clicking where it says page two.

You can contact us by email on

Click here and go to page two (meet the others)

love from Thomas.
thanks to Rab and Ellen and Em for their messages and pictures

You could visit our mum's websites if you like

The Virtual Glass Museum at

Gainsharing at
and Websites for Novices at

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